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composite The BSC model Barrier Septum Composite is a non-reinforced loaded vinyl noise barrier sandwiched between two layers of quilted fiberglass. A variety of facings are available including our standard industrial grade vinyl facing, an economy scrim facing and a silicone facing for high temperature or outdoor applications. Curtain panels are typically constructed with grommets across the top and mating hook and loop closures on the vertical edges. Rolls measuring 4' x 25' are available with edges bound or unbound. All products have a Class A flammability rating.

It was getting pretty hot at the Portland Maine Museum of Art.
The director of the facility, Kevin Eames, decided that the best way
to improve the efficiency of the museums air conditioning system was to
install a new rotary screw chiller.

The problem was it had to be placed in the same location as the older, quieter unit, a maintenance space of 15' X 40'. Unfortunately, it would also be adjacent to one of the
museums display areas.

Kevin's concern was the higher noise levels generated by the new Carrier Chiller would disturb visitors in the display viewing area.

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